Services We Deliver

We offer you a full treatment, where you can get diagnosed, choose from a wide range of dental services and have updates on your health. We have various equipment, so we deal with different cases, even the most complicated ones. Also, while working with our patients we noticed one thing. Practically no one really knows what many services and treatments imply, as well as know very little about their teeth.

Your Basic Guide to Our Services

Almost all of our services can be divided into 3 big categories. We also have emergency care, which stands separate and deals with a broken jaw or a loose tooth or even with a tongue bite. If you experience severe pain or bleeding, it’s also considered an emergency. Things like an abscess might even be life-threatening.

Other treatments, like teeth whitening, don’t fall into these categories, but we also do that. We understand that the look is quite important and you want to have a perfect smile, we can arrange that.

  1. That is usually covered by your insurance and is also known as diagnostic. This covers your consultation, examinations, x-ray, professional cleanings, which should be ideally performed twice a year, and some more. Some treatments, like fluoride treatment which stops tooth deterioration and saves your enamel or some extra services for kids.
  2. That would be the biggest category that doesn’t require a lot of spending. Those procedures under it are quite simple and are performed regularly. Those would include different fillings (sedative, amalgam, etc.), tooth extraction or even crowns and canal treatments.
  3. This is a complex category and you have to make sure you trust your doctor with this. Wisdom teeth removal, which is quite a complex procedure, might be there. Anesthesia, complex surgeries and various oral procedures are usually there. Dealing with bridges, where you fill the missing tooth and fix it with crowns goes under a major category. Inlays and onlays help you deal with old fillings can fall both into a basic and a major category.

We can guarantee that our professionals can take care of all of those cases and perform high-quality surgery, exam or remove your tooth. All of our doctors are qualified to do those operations and they have a vast experience in those things.

We hope this helps you understand different procedures that you might need. You still have to discuss all of those with your doctor and you have a right to get all the explanations you might want. You deserve to know about your health and have a right to choose your treatments and those options that work the best for you.